the dissolute adventures of a single veteran in a camping and four sexy girls – Tom Haruki, Manami Minami, Toko Saionji and Natsuki Kitamura. Kyousuke loves to drink and as soon as he reaches certain conditions, he gets a second wind and the hero begins to succumb to his base desires. Tom is the first heroine that the hero meets, she always behaves like a boy and dresses the same way. However, inside she is feminine and a little naive. Minami is a real devil in relationships, she often teases our hero with her outstanding charms. Toko is a gentle and very mysterious person who loves her pestel Poppy very much. Natsuki is an energetic, purposeful girl who has been in love with Kyousuke since the first day they met.

Harem Camp!

Japanese : ハーレムきゃんぷっ!
Aired : Oct 2, 2022
Studios : Studio Hokiboshi
Duration : 7 min.
Subs : English