Ripe friend mother Kosuke, in his rebellious period, treated his mother as a nuisance. When I invited my friend Yuta to my house for an AV viewing party, my mother, Shiori, who was not supposed to be there at that time, was there. Two people having fun while playing a game. When Yuta went to clean up the dishes after eating, Shiori was standing in front of him.

When Shiori says words that can be taken as both flattering and serious, she gets upset and slips, and Yuta, who reaches out to help, gets injured. Feeling responsible, Shiori goes to Yuta’s house to eat, take a bath, use the toilet and starts taking care of his personal needs. Yuta’s desire gradually escalates, and Shiori also reveals herself as a woman

Kotowarenai Haha

Japanese : 断れない母
Aired : Mar 15, 2024
Studios : Queen Bee
Duration : 20 min.
Subs : English