I’m Makoto. My father is always busy with his business. I don’t remember my mother because she died when I was a kid. I now live with my older sister. One day, new mother and younger sister join us all of a sudden! Of course, I’m happy. I masturbate hard every day like never before, but a mishap happens to me. I get involved in a traffic accident and am sent to hospital…. There, however, works my old friend as a nurse. Also, my friend is hospitalized there. Oh, I’ll become friends with them using the game given from a strange salesperson….

Soukan Yuugi 2

Japanese : 相関遊戯2
Aired : Sep 11, 2009 to Dec 11, 2009
Studios : Digital Works, Y.O.U.C
Duration : 28 min.
Subs : English